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by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sunho CHOI
Date: 9 Aug - 2 Sep 2012

Shin Seung Oh (Gallery SUN Contemporary Director)  

<Planet> is Choi Sunho’s mobile. The term ‘mobile’ came to be when the American sculptor Alexander Calder’s work was widely referred to as ‘mobiles’ after Marcel Duchamp dubbed Calder’s first moving sculpture “mobiles.” Unlike kinetic art which its repetitive motion depends on modern technology for power, mobile relies on natural elements such as air or wind to create unpredicted motion. This is how mobile achieves its diversity in motion and forms despite its strict conformity to balance and counter balance. Mobile moves and sways with light breeze. The random motion of the geometrical form is delightful. It is a liberated form of sculpture which bears freedom and spatiality.
The most important character of a mobile is motion. Mobile’s life lies in motion. This is what Choi Sunho relishes in making a mobile and recreates a style of his own. Choi Sunho pursues to express life and cycle of life. With the passing and coming of seasons, flowers bloom and wither, birds come and go and the world changes. Seemingly still and lifeless, the winter tree waits for spring. The small universe inside a bud moves relentlessly, preparing to bloom. Motion is life and an evidence of life.

“A breeze brings the fresh smell of summer’s grass into the studio. It gently stirs a mobile. The ripples of air awaken the vivid smell of paint, bringing the quiet studio into life, fills it with laughter of leaping children. Alexander Calder is my teacher. I look at his mobiles. I want to stir the world. I want to seize the joy, happiness and the world in my own way. I want my mobile to communicate my hope to share this joy, happiness and the world. My mobile is the result and embodiment of an artist’s deep insight, like the bright light of stained glass on the walls of Cologne Cathedral. The light of leads to light of eternity. My mobile is a new form of art made of light of the world and my space.”
-From Artist’s Note 2012. 6

Each embodies this yearning of the artist. Each piece in the series resembles one another yet bears different color and character and is independent on its own. The series bears the balance and rule of the universe and space. The movements of planets in space may seem irregular but they are actually moving in accordance with relative energy, power and rhythm. The turnovers and balance are what constitutes life. It is about cycle and repetitive flow. This is what Choi Sunho portrays in his mobile . It is the very scene we are living in. The invisible power and flow is what Choi Sunho has visualized. He wishes to fill our space with live presence and movement. brings life to a space and let us perceive the world full of life.

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