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by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary (66, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul)
Artist(s): Young Wook CHOI
Date: 5 Jun - 27 Jun 2012

Gallery Sun Contemporary invites you to Young Wook Choi’s exhibition ‘Karma’ describing the story behind our lives. This exhibition held from June 5th through the 27th will exhibit the 17 new works by Young Wook Choi.  

His works are representations of the physical moon jars themselves as well as an homage to the inherent Korean beauty. The artist carefully observes the cracks on the surface of the glaze naturally created when firing pottery and the change in color through the effect of time.  He creates a unique Young Wook Choi style moon jar through such observatio n by reproducing the appearance of a moon jar while carefully studying basic formal elements such as color and line.When looking at the cracks on the moon jar’s surface, the lines are similar yet different, separate yet connected and appear to become a whole.  Such characteristics represent a force that embraces all of life’s ordeals and sorrows, and joy and despair.  The ceramics artist Young Wook Choi paints not only reflects his life memoirs but also withholds the stories of the ordinary people’s lives.  Through his works, the artist merges and transfers his personal stories to our stories.  Hence, the viewers will be able to relate to the artist’s narrative and the nostalgic life sentiments as they follow the shapes, colors and cracks that the artist had created.

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