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Trace of Human Nature
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sang Hyun LEE, Michael S. MILLER, Jihye PARK
Date: 27 Jan - 2 Mar 2012

Gallery SUN contemporary is pleased to present a group show entitled ‘Trace of human nature’ featuring works by Michael Miller. Jihye Park. Sang-Won Lee from 27th of January to 2nd of March.

“What is the fundamental human nature?” This question underlies all the Humanities, Science and Arts search for and it’s becoming clear the reflection upon the human nature has been an important domain in art For the first exhibition in ZOI2. Gallery SUN contemporary presents the works of 3 artists who find the human nature from various places and scenes and transport it onto the canvas in their unique ways.

Sang-Won Lee has received BFA & MFA in painting from Hongik University in Seoul. He was selected for ‘Kumho Young Artist’ in 2007, ARKO Young Art Frontier in 2009 and SeMa Young Artist in 20! l. He has steadily participated in residency programs and exhibited extensively, including 5 solo shows and numerous group shows since 2006. He draws the landscape of place and scene people relax, spend their spare time in, such as ski resorts, parks and swimming pools and people climbing mountains. What he wants to show with his works are the landscape of people which appears as collective behavior by drawing the depersonalized scenes of people who goes the same place having the same interest with the same purpose in their free time. He questions us if the leisure activities we choose are decided by or: free will or it has been the other routine set up by our society.

Ji-Hye Park earned her BA and MFA at University of London Goldsmiths. She has exhibited internationally including a solo exhibition, ‘The Hollow Nadir of Vanity’, at Tenderpixel Gallery in London in 20l0 and taken part in number of group shows since 2008. She was selected in the final list of Experimental Category. RUSHES. Soho Shorts Festival both in 2008 & 2009. She displays the duplicity inherent in human nature discovered on novels written by mankind and recomposes it in beautiful and mysterious ways creating collages. Beautifully described love stories mostly end up in tragedies or conflicts and the limits by the barriers of reality. And it’s strangely true that regrettable and difficult love, bizarre and scary love stimulate us than ordinary love stories. Thus, She wants to show the dual nature of the human mind found in the man made stories. In other words, she presents something beautiful yet ugly at the same time, something good and bad at the same time which are mixed up and appear in human nature.

Michael Miller has been teaching Print Media at School of the at institute of Chicago since 1973. Mostly working in Chicago, Miller's works were introduced in Korea in 2004 in a group exhibition ‘Face to Face’ at Ehwa Museum and he had a solo exhibition at Gallery SUN contemporary gaining great recognition in 20l0. His work are in various collections, including Museum of Contemporary Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art. Brooklyn Museum. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Charles Russell Museum, Seoul Museum of Art etc. He expresses the mental states of human tangled up with human conflict in the modern society, the power in the competitive structure and conflict by the social positions. He draws lightly and wittily using simple lines as if caricaturing. Human faces he draws are appealing making us visually discover our inner spiritual states we aren‘t aware of. Even though his works are based on his own experience. we actually find our inner appearance exposed in his works.

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