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Lee Sang Hyun Solo Exhibition
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sang Hyun LEE
Date: 6 Oct - 11 Nov 2011

Gallery Sun contemporary is delighted to announce Lee Sang Hyun’s solo exhibition ‘Chwiyupubyokrugi(The Story of an Ecstatic Voyage to Pubyok Pavilion)’ from 6th of October to 11th of November.
Lee Sang Hyun works around a theme to create a series of works. Each series contains dreamy and ironical factors dynamically crossing the time and space. Lee presents a diachronic viewpoint looking out to the present through the past via the time travel. Lee's exploration has been ongoing producing unique images sourced by the historical incidents and traces from <The Self Meditated Portrait of Korea Historical Epic> in 2004, <Nine Clouds Dream> in 2007, <Empire and Joseon> in 2008, <3,000 Court Ladies> in 2009, up to the present.
<Chwiyupubyokrugi(The Story of an Ecstatic Voyage to Pubyok Pavilion)>, this show sticks to his common characteristic penetration. The works, ‘I'm Genie for you, Don't worry!,’ ‘Love Story of Sooil Lee and Soonae Shim,’ ‘Lady GAGA’s Concert in PyongYang,’ ‘I'm Genie for you, wish!,’ ‘Hyundai President Jeong to Hometown with a heard of Cows’, bag varied stories and notions such as the artist’s perspective looking to North Korea, interchange between North and South Korea, the history of the divided nation by foreign forces and the dilemma aroused from the cultural penetration of capitalism in North Korea. These are expressed in various allegories and appeared as a landscape. The allegories crush on each other and make a completely new irony which looks humorous and witty though, on the other hand, a plaintive landscape is hidden in the deepest sense. Moreover, the background scenes are adopted from Joseon period’s paintings that drew Pyongyang. Korea had been one nation; accessible to all, but now we only get North Korea by past paintings which arouse plaintive nostalgia. Lee Sang Hyun himself appears and plays a part as a witness in his work, various allegories and ironies are mixed in. He is fulfilling committed obligations and responsibilities of present time in his work.
There are female fighters of North Korea attached designer’s logos on uniforms in several works. Lee points out the errors of overall system in North Korea, North Korean protesting to cling to the socialist system are gradually assimilated into the culture of capitalism, lethargic people nevertheless they shout for socialism. Lee questions how to accept North Korea as a homogeneous nation, how the relationship of South and North Korea will be changed in the future via ironical landscapes that present, past and future are all mixed up.
Having started his art career in 1995 at the center of fluxus movement, Galerie J&J Donguy in Paris, Lee Sang Hyun grabbed attention from the popular French magazine Le Figaro, which acknowledged him as one of the new leading artists. He has exhibited extensively internationally including ZKM gallery in Germany, Hanmi Museum of Photography and Gallery SUN contemporary in Korea.

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