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The Light Field
by magical, Artroom
Location: Magical, Artroom
Artist(s): Daisuke OHBA
Date: 6 Mar - 5 Apr 2009

magical, ARTROOM is pleased to present 'The Light Field', the solo exhibition of Daisuke OHBA. (Concurrent exhibition from March 6 to April 4 at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE)

OHBA has widened his appeal since his first solo exhibition at magical, ARTROOM and ARTZONE in 2006. In 2008, he joined the group exhibitions such as 'Vivid Material' at Tokyo University of Arts and 'THE ECHO' at ZAIM, followed by 'War and Art -Terror and Illusion of Beauty-' (curated by Takayo IIDA) at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2009. His representational painting series includes 'Woods' and 'Mount', and abstract painting series includes 'Spectrum'. In addition to them, he creates plated sculpture named 'Trophy'. People around the world carefully watch the way OHBA develops the method of his expression.

Ever-changing light is bound on the surface of OHBA' s work. Light changes because direction of the gaze and position of light and the surface constantly change. He creates images (illusion) that emerge from the position relation of the artwork, the viewer, and light. When he paints 'Spectrum', he paints color s of light first and then paints waves, and makes grid on them by brush lines. It is trajectory of movement, repeat and differentia, and a fabric woven out of inevitability and eventuality. You will be able to experience OHBA's fragile artworks in the unique light, surrounded by the unique atmosphere.

5 paintings from abstract painting series will be exhibited at magical, ARTROOM. OHBA, with bated breath, painted 225 spires in grids (each spire was painted with one stroke) using a fine brush for line drawing. No two are the same, but when you see the painting as a whole, it seems as if it was a big circle. It is like a mandala of the day. His work is reminiscent of Tsukiyama in Ginkakuji, and at the same time, of light of the monitor and pixel, which are typical elements at present day. When you are confronted with OHBA's work, you feel sublime and get groovy, as if you were surrounded, or caught by vortex of light. In short, you are caught in his 'Light Field'.

Concurrent exhibition will be held at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, where Masami SHIRAISHI, the professional adviser of magical, ARTROOM, serves as president. 5 large paintings of 'Woods' (2m x 7.5m) and 7 representational paintings of 'Mount' are exhibited there. Please enjoy OHBA's world at both shows.

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