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"magical, Artroom" is a new type of art space where not only to scout an introduce Japanese and Asian young talents through the exhibitions but also to create some sort of structure in order to provoke and stimulate Japanese art scene via publications, events and lectures etc. Being highly strategical, “magical” functions amorphous at the same time. Regarding the organization, Satoshi Okada assumes the office of the president, Masami Shiraishi is installed as a professional adviser, and CUE international Co., Ltd. forms the nucleus of the gallery, which is run by Haruka Ito. The former directors, Kentaro Ichihara, Shigeo Goto, and Hiro Sugiyama remain as advisers.

MESSAGE: "In the era where society suffers, nature suffers, and the “world” suffers ("Disenchanted World"), it is our destiny and obligation to take on the responsibility of attempting to create a new environment. We need to be political beings. Therefore, we believe that the regulation systems must be pulled into the process of a “generative shift” through the power of difference and fluidity of lives. This “action” itself is an effective engagement in attempting to create a new environment.

With many different personalities in this era, it is unimaginable that multiple people come together and unite. If possible, how is one to go about doing this? One of the possible answers is magical. Therefore I came to think the only effective method is to construct a new collective personality, which possesses the union of individual’s personality and thought, transcending the independent individual personalities.

I do not know if you express it as rhizomic existence or multitude. However, I know that the first step is to take “action.” magical, ARTROOM / CUE international Co., Ltd. 2006.01.13 START

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Everyday 12 noon - 8 pm   closed on Sun, Mon & Public Holidays



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