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∴0=1 -prelude
by magical, Artroom
Location: magical, Artroom
Artist(s): Hitoshi KURIYAMA
Date: 1 Aug - 12 Sep 2009

Catalyst of ‘Literal ⇔ Phenomenal’
I wonder when and where ‘∴0=1,’ an equation promulgated by Hitoshi Kuriyama, is formed. Probably you can figure out the the former question by regarding the equation as ‘∴0⇔1’. When you look into the photographs that captured various emission patterns that were produced when the fuse exploded, you find the moment the fuse annihilated (1→0) because of the heat, and the moment light was generated (0→1). However, you should be aware that the moment that is indicated by ‘⇔’ does not exist only in the theoretical world where you can simply replace the moment as sign, but it is also in the one-off real world that contains materiality. Consequently the differentia as a phenomenan, in which you find the world as it is, is latent in a numerical value indicated as ‘1’. On one hand, ‘annihilation’ that is reduced to ‘0’ can be regarded as a phenomenon, which is identical because of its absence, on the other hand, widespred light and dim colored spots illuminate unique literal differentia.

As for the latter, I mean the question of the place the equation is formed, you can also figure it out by regarding the equation as ‘⇔.’ In his new series of work that is consist of the photographs of the lights from the city taken by an astronomical observation equipment, there are rays of light, which is like the reversal of the movement of stars. These rays of lights, too, have ambiguity. In spite of the fact that they are found in the literal view from a ‘certain point,’ they can be located from the extraterrestrial ‘infinite distance,’ as well. In other words, we exist ‘here,’ but at the same time, we observe the phenomenal view ‘in the distance.’ Thus Kuriyama verifies the hypothesis ‘∴0=1’ by activating ambiguous reversible reaction that is ‘literal ⇔ phenomenal’ in terms of time and space.

His work takes on the aspect of a posteriori catalysis.
- Daisuke Awata

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