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by magical, Artroom
Location: magical, Artroom
Artist(s): EYE
Date: 21 Jun - 18 Jul 2009

The brusque words often seen in the new record reviews in music magazines -printed inside the frame of CD jackets that is still in progress-. The title of the exhibition, which was delivered one day right before EYE’s first exhibition of the new works in three years, was taken from those words. The words ‘Art Coming Soon’ show us the fact that the work is still in progress, and at the same time, this ‘&Co. Soon’ is the trade name of his ‘record stall in the brain’.

This sign will be hung even after the exhibition opened. Ever lasting expectations, those are what EYE’s expression always give us. He tries to draw the whole world by using sounds, lines, and the things surround him, revealing the relation between them. All the parts connected to each other and become the whole. Those flexible movements, I mean the experiences to follow it, release our mind to the world never known, like listening to the infinite scale.

The material EYE selected for the new work was a hood of a car. When he draws lines on it, screeching noise -like the one you hear when a car corners- emerges. The hood gets covered with fine lines as he makes strokes again and again, hearing the sound and checking the way his arm moves. Then he turns the hood around, checking it from every side, and tries to find the “eye”. The moment he finds out, the mere chains of the lines suddenly become wings and scales, and then figures of birds and dragons emerge. The four “eyes” here and there looking at each other, this is the moment when the network of the world inside the painting and the real world connected correctly. “EYE” is equal to “&”-the entrance open to us-, which connects one space-time to another. I wonder if EYE himself is that kind of entity as his name suggests. The universe that emerged on the surface of the hood was not created by him. It had always been there, it was just a “different” network that we did not realize. What EYE knows well is the timing to ride on this network to make it work.

That’s how EYE tries to reach out something that transcends a mere individual. I think this is the proper attitude toward an enigmatic entity “Art”. We cannot capture “Art”. It must always be “Coming Soon”.

Tomoko Yabumae (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

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