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Mujin-to Production
1F Watanabe Bldg., 2-12-6 Miyoshi
Tokyo 135-0022 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 6458 8225     fax: +81 3 6458 8226
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Mujin-to Production was founded in Koenji, Tokyo, in May 2006 as a company to provide management and promotion to artists. Having moved to Kiyosumi Shirakawa area close to Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) since March 2010, we continue to organize a variety of events and exhibitions.

Mujin-to Production is not the name of a galley. Prior to its activity as a gallery space, Mujin-to Production commits itself initially to "promoting artists who pursue remarkable activities and expressions" above all. As a place where artists can freely express themselves to the public, we hold our gallery space within the whole promotion activity.

As of November 2011, we have managed eight artists and one artist collective.

Kazuhiko Hachiya has developed works in fields like personal flight systems or particular communication tools. Lyota Yagi explores and investigates finiteness/infinity, visible/invisible and audible/inaudible. ChimPom, six-person artist collective, has never compromised themselves in their constant interventions to our contemporary social issues. Sachiko Kazama exploits satire to express the dark side of society through her unique humor. Yoko Asakai captures both "seeing" and "being seen" in the core of her photograph. Ryohei Usui creates landscapes out of objects familiar in our everyday life. Yukihiro Taguchi, based in Berlin, keeps demonstrating his performative installations. Osamu Matsuda produces video works interweaving humor with void and solitude in the contemporary society. Tsubasa Kato has involved a number of people through achieving his projects by raising their collective labor.

None of these artists resembles one another. The mission of us is to engage with all aspects of society together with these "all distinctive" artists in close partnership. They all are capable of manifesting themselves to society and creating relations with people, then inviting audience to new perspectives through which society reveals its different faces. We support these artists through both promotion and exhibitions, in order to address their "visions" to society.


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