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In the middle of 19th, Artists who greatly influenced the art field thereafter as an impressionist had rejected from the
authoritative official Paris salon. The group of artists including such as Claude Monet started exhibiting their works in a little space of the moat construction hut neither in a Museum, a Royal palace, nor a church.  Afterwards the space became an important element for the artists to influence each other , to bring up a methodology each artist and as the source of artist's provisions by selling their works. It is said that the origin idea of an art gallery and the gallery activity was found by these artists in the time. We started the UP Field gallery aiming at this starting point  of the gallery activity.

Our purpose and aim:
- introducing various enthusiastic and unique works to the world.
- making the gallery a place of presentation that the commercial value may attach to the work.
- In considering the existence meaning of the art, making the gallery a magnetic field in which the great number of people can participate.

We have started the gallery along the aim written the above as our main purpose since 2005, been introducing mainly the photographic works at the gallery no


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