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Frantic Gallery
IID 1F, 2-4-5 Ikejiri
Setagaya, Tokyo
Japan 154-0001   map * 
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Unstable Visions
by Frantic Gallery
Location: Frantic Gallery
Artist(s): Haruki OGAWA, Ken HAYASHIDA, Cousteau TAZUKE
Date: 30 Mar - 3 Apr 2011

Isn’t art an endeavor, which always makes us question both common appearances of things as well as adequacy of our own sense of vision? Even facing still and two dimensional painting we often doubt the constancy of our perception: figures with fluctuating silhouette lines, spaces with permanently shifting borderlines, jumps of fading or unfocused forms, reversible movements between abstract and concrete.

On March 30th Frantic Gallery is glad to exhibit “UNSTABLE VISIONS” of Haruki Ogawa, Ken Hayashida and Cousteau Tazuke. Three young Japanese painters present their recent researches of visuality that resists fixed character, permanently regenerating altering spaces, colors and forms.   

Ogawa Haruki continues to explore features of “three-dimensional abstraction”. Nonfigurative elements obtain volume in his art and tend to jump out of the frame receiving a character of concrete images. Working on dynamics of the painting and multiple relationships of its elements, his recent works are featured by intertwined planes of intense colors. In this way the artist emphasize both surface and space, plane and volume, 2 and 3 dimensional perception. Two recent works titled “The Rhythms of Accumulation” insist on vision flooded with multicentred vibration and variable links.          

Ken Hayashida being inspired by the beauty of water on the toilet floor continues his “Afterglow” series. Elusive visuality of glossy wet floor, its repetitive pattern of round tiles and the reflection of streaming through the windows sunset light pushed the artist to elevate toilet impression to the form of the painting. The artist strives to reproduce the floor as a screen on which in misty atmosphere forms come forefront as if oozing out from the background and stream between tiles changing their shape and direction. In spite of initially insignificant motive, “floor-paintings” of Hayashida hints on the imaginary of traditional Japanese landscape painting. Indefinite distances between objects merged in fog, strong tactile feeling of moisture and heavy air, traces of passed time left by the deterioration create an image where nothing is fixed, easily grasped or predicted.                  

Cousteau Tazuke continues to explore his unprecedented painting method. As before he carves into clear acrylic panels, pours acid-colored paint in the resulting cavities and then exhibits these works backwards, thus subverting the opposition of the front and the rear -- the positive and negative -- of the picture and transcending the borderline between the process of carving and the work of drawing, the art of sculpture and that of painting. This time Tazuke attaches mirror pellicle to the carved side of the paining to make the relationship between onlooker’s point of view and the front/rear of the paining even more confusing. His works being featured by intricate topology, intensive painted colors and complex carved patterns create visual field with indefinite depth and unsteady limits.

Artists exhibited in “UNSTABLE VISIONS” were presented by Frantic Gallery in Paris during last year Cutlog Art Fair in exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Japanese Abstract Painting. Due to it success and active response of the audience we decided to show the same group of the artist in Tokyo dedicating more time to the common features of their work. We hope “UNSTABLE VISIONS” of Ogawa, Hayashida and Tazuke will one more time manifest the strength of Japanese non-figurative painting bringing attention to its possible developments in this new decade.

Curated by ENTOMORODIA curatorial net/work

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