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Frantic Gallery
IID 1F, 2-4-5 Ikejiri
Setagaya, Tokyo
Japan 154-0001   map * 
tel: +81 3 3410 1325     
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Frantic Gallery tries to introduce new artists with a unique style, as well as reflect new trends and movements in contemporary art. Frantic gallery pays attention to all kinds of media and will introduce Japanese artists to a foreign audience, as well as bring artists from abroad to the Japanese audience. The gallery supports new and emerging artists with a unique perspective and tries to build a bridge between different cultures and generaaaaaaaaaaa….Let’s put an end to these banalities!!! “frantic is a young gallery…” – Yes, as with hundreds of others. “frantic presents new art” – Yes, but shouldn’t we remind, that in the end the pursuit of novelty is a task of fashion and marketing, but not an artist or an art gallery. “frantic searches for fresh discoveries” – Yes, but shouldn’t we point to those whose art might already be sold, but yet not properly discovered. “frantic exhibits interesting art” – Yes, but shouldn’t we propose, that the feature of “being interesting” might not be at all one of the necessary qualities of artistic expression, but something that poisons art and reduces it to entertainment or a hollow provocation. “frantic presents Japanese artists” – Yes, but only those Japanese artists, who are outside of the label of “Japanese Artist”; those artists who resist stereotypes and the stupefied image of Contemporary Japanese Art. “frantic searches for up-to-date art” – Yes, but that up-to-date art might be rooted in the oldest of aesthetic traditions. Anything, however not the following, can be questionable: even while being in the epicenter of art-fakes, art-pimps and art-casinos frantic gallery will do its best to preserve its autonomous and self-conscious position…even if in the end we are called “Just crazy!!!”. 


Opening Hour:

Tue - Sat  12 am - 7 pm




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