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Frantic Gallery
IID 1F, 2-4-5 Ikejiri
Setagaya, Tokyo
Japan 154-0001   map * 
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Sliding (in) Black
by Frantic Gallery
Location: Frantic Gallery
Artist(s): KAWAMURA Norio
Date: 20 Apr - 22 Apr 2012

Frantic Gallery is glad to present the first solo show of the young Japanese artist Norio Kawamura, who uses glue and lacquer to create nocturnal images with no figures, breathing fields of picturesque darkness.

"SLIDING (in) BLACK" offers double directed movement. From the picture, a dominative BLACK slides out from the base, acting as Night that overcomes its frame, as Death that breaks its enclosure and splashes out into the locus of the viewer. In the meantime, the on-looker, while being confronted by a patch of Darkness that envelops and drags him into it, gradually slides into a bottomless Nothing. The medium is The Butterfly. A symbolic insect able to glide between Life and Death, Day and Night, Consciousness and Insanity, comes to the surface of black lacquer as if repeatedly gaining its shape and then losing its form again melting back into morbid gloss.

Kawamura's objects, taking a stand in between painting and sculpture, offer interplay of The Shape and The Formless, which permanently substitute each other as if repeating the ul- timate circle of Life and Death. These are fluttering images running away from any fixed figuration. They are Nocturnal Screens offering all kind of possible phantasy for projection. We will be happy to see you at the show of Kawamura's Necro-polis and invite you to experience the "SLIDING (in) BLACK".

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