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Frantic Gallery
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The Grid
by Frantic Gallery
Location: Beijing CIGE 2012
Artist(s): Cousteau TAZUKE
Date: 12 Apr - 15 Apr 2012

Frantic Gallery is honored to exhibit"The Grid" by Cousteau Tazuke in Beijing during CIGE 2012. For the first time "the works with acrylic resin surface" will be presented in China and we are happy to use this opportunity for the solo show of large scale paintings related to further research of illusionary space generated with the help of grid patterns.

As before Tazuke carves into clear acrylic panels, pours acid-colored paint in the resulting cavities and then exhibits these works backwards, thus integrating "the Front" and "the rear" the positive and negative - of the picture. Nevertheless, this time a network of geometrically strict lines complicate the relationship between surface and depth inside 10mm-thick plexi-glass planes. With different methods - linear perspective and intensive foreshortening, distortion of focus or massive overlapping of numerous lines - each piece in its own way strives to generate in itself. immeasurable "infinity" and emit the feeling of enormous compression of Space.

While carved/painted lines in acrylic planes generate "bottomlessness". highly reflective surface of work "activates" the image of an onlooker, bringing him/her onto and inside the grid, gradually dragging the surrounding real space in its red depth. We are welcoming you to experience this "black hole"-type of topological experience during the upcoming exhibition!

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