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Frantic Gallery
IID 1F, 2-4-5 Ikejiri
Setagaya, Tokyo
Japan 154-0001   map * 
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The Matrix and The Grid
by Frantic Gallery
Location: Frantic Gallery
Artist(s): Macoto MURAYAMA, Cousteau TAZUKE
Date: 13 Oct - 15 Oct 2011

Frantic Gallery is glad to present the exhibition of two emerging artist that unite strong visual experience of their works with the research of new materials and techniques. “The Matrix and The grid” Exhibition shows works that refer both to precision and mystic beauty, geometry and abstraction, scientific strictness and muse of gifted artist.  
“The Matrix” by Macoto Murayama presents a set of computer generated botanical drawings, which bring an ancient tradition of flower illustration into the digital age. Exhibiting Murayma’s flowers in a pattern we would like to reveal the hierarchy of his vast corpus of work called Botech Art (combination of Botanical Art and TECHnical Art). More than 20 works will be presented in one Inorganic Flora Matrix manifesting the relationship between several types of flowers created with the latest software for 3-Dimentonal drawings. The Matrix will show the organic form in the way it discloses its mechanical elements while architectonics of the plant reveal its gentle, lively and even sexual nature.
“The Grid” by Cousteau Tazuke manifests artist’s further researches of the basic structures of traditional painting. The artist carves clear acrylic panels, pours acid-colored paint in the resulting cavities and then exhibits these works backwards. In this way Tazuke subverts the opposition of the front and the rear -- the positive and negative -- of the picture: the onlooker faces the back of the painting seeing colorful substances through transparent acrylic resin. The Grid of intertwining lines makes the topology of two dimensional art piece even more sophisticated, creating in 5mm plane illusion of overlapping lines, background and “figure” relationship and appearance of eternal depth.
“The Matrix and The Grid” Exhibition will be open at Frantic Gallery in Tokyo on the 13th of October and the following week on the 19th October at Cutlog Art Fair in Paris, creating geographical as well as epistemological link between western fundamental art traditions and Japanese technologies and media, between centuries-old aesthetics and recently invented acrylic resin and software for 3-dimantional imaginary.

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