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Tokyo Wonder Site is a creative and communications platform for the city's arts. It develops more than conventional cross-cultural ex-change programs, as part of its role as a creative communications base supporting artistic activities that contribute to building of a new metropolis of divers cultures and values.

An artist-in-residence program allows artist to stay and create in a location for a fixed period of time. At Tokyo Wonder Site, we provide a temporary home not only for artists, but people working in creative fields such as design, music and architecture as well, as part of our Creator-in-Residence Program, situated in the Aoyama district in central Tokyo, know for its fashion and creative scene.TWS Aoyama is a large facility with 16 rooms for accommodations and 5 studios, and develops new programs in close cooperation with TWS Hongo dedicated to supporting emerging artists in their early careers and TWS Sibuya, which serves as a venue for exhibiting the works of more established, international artist.

TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence provides opportunities for residents to enjoy Tokyo's stimulating environment while talking and working with other creators at every career stage, making it a hub for interactive communication.

Diverse Residency ProgramsTTWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence provides a truly diverse range of opportunities for exchange for people of age or gender, and working in any genre. Creative people including artists, curators, researchers, musicians, performers and designers are able to experience the rich history and culture of Tokyo, do research and work, and exhibit their creations. The central location means that creators can enjoy interactions not solely with their peers, but also with the general public through events, talks, open studios and workshops. TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence Program serves as networking linking artists, visitors and Tokyo's patron of the arts, with the goal of promoting the city's creative culture to the world.



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