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Soka Art Center
2F, No.57, Sec.1,
Dunhua South Road,
Taipei, Taiwan   map * 
tel: +886 2 2570 0390     fax: +886 2 2570 0393
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"Soka Art Center was founded in 1992 in Taiwan, acting mainly as an agent of art works by outstanding Chinese artists.

In 2001, Soka Art Center officially settled in Beijing. Chairman Mr. Xiao Fuyuan acts as the first mainland gallery owner from Taiwan, which account for the beginning of Taiwan gallery enterprise in China. In the following fifteen years, Mr. Xiao Fuyuan leaded Soka into the tremendous profound research, analysis, collection and introduction of the works by the first generation Chinese artists, such as Li Tiefu, Lin Fengmian, Yan Wenliang, Xu Beihong, Wu Guanzhong, Sun Yuntai, Yu Chenghui, and Sha Qi. At the same time, Soka recovered the identity and prepared exhibitions for recognition of submerging artists in Chinese art history, such as Li Chaoshi, Huang Juesi, Zhou Bichu, Pang Xunqin, Qin Xuanfu, Dai Bingxin, etc.

In 2002, Soka Korea subsidiary Office was founded, in charging of the communication between artists from China and Korea. In 2003, Xiao Fuyuan initiated the contemporary art sector, promoting and recommending a new generation of Chinese artists of uniqueness. In 2005, Soka Contemporary Space made its debut. Coordinating with international curators, Soka Contemporary Space succeeded in international promotion of outstanding Chinese contemporary artists. An over fifteen year’s development forged Soka holdings:, which includes Beijing Soka Art Center, Beijing Soka Contemporary Space, Taiwan Soka Art Center, and Taipei Soka Contemporary Space, into a gateway of China classical and contemporary art works with influence to crucial Art institutions in Asia.

From 1995 to 2006, Soka had continually participated in Art Taipei (1995-2006), KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) (2002-2006), CIGE (China International Gallery Exhibition) (2003-2006), and ARCO 2006. Soka Pomotes Chinese Art to the world, and brings the interational art back to China.

Soka firstly employed agent system in China. A List of Artists Represented by Soka Contemporary Space: Hong Ling, Wang Xiangming, Gao Huijun, Ji Dachun, Yin Qi, Tu Hongtao, Yang Jing, Bao Zhong, Wu Mingzhong, Li Luming, Duan Xuejing, Wang Wei and He Mengjuan etc.

Opening hours:
11am - 9pm  Closed on Mon


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