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Ofoto Gallery
2F, 13 Building,
50 Moganshan Road,
Shanghai 200060, China   map * 
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by Ofoto Gallery
Location: OFOTO Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 9 May - 27 Jun 2014

OFOTO Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition entitled 'Pagoda.' Artists, Cao Yingbin, Chen Zanyun, Christopher Taylor, Dong Wensheng, Han Dong, Han Lei, Hong Lei, Li Dongyuan, Li Jie, Luo Yongjin, Shen Ye, Wang Yabin, Wang Zhongjie, Wu Yuntie, Zhang Jijun and Zhou Yongjie will be participating. 

A tower for a mountain is an assumption in geomancy, the symbol of a Holy Land , the gathering point of worship, and the origin of city development. It is always our aspiration to live with poetic flavor, ascend a height and enjoy a distant view. This group exhibition of OFOTO Gallery is the presentations of the artists’ understanding, thinking and creation of “Pagoda”. As everyone has different cognition of pagoda, now I write this essay just to restore a three- dimensional shape of that image of pagoda in my childhood memory. Interestingly, when Eiffel Tower was to build, the French society disagreed. Maupassant once spread the word: “if Eiffel tower is built in Paris, I will leave the city forever.” While when Eiffel Tower was completed, Maupassant frequently went to the top floor restaurant. Facing people’s questions, the literary giant calmly responded: “Because this is the only place in Paris that I can’t see Eiffel Tower.” I want to say that we are just a screaming baby in front of known and unknown. Nevertheless, the obsession and exploration is the spire of merit that can not be declined.
- Chen Haiyan 

*image (left)
© Luo Yongjin
courtesy of the artist and OFOTO Gallery 

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