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Ofoto Gallery
2F, 13 Building,
50 Moganshan Road,
Shanghai 200060, China   map * 
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Let it Be
by Ofoto Gallery
Location: Ofoto Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 25 May - 19 Jul 2013

People hope a feast for gluttony and the menu shall be announced like a cross talk. First take a deep breath until the two lobes of the lung sac full like the leather raft used to cross the Yellow River (known as “blow cowhide”), then concentrate strength to play the most agile red and thin lips. “Red elbow, white elbow, smoked elbow, crystal elbow, beeswax elbow …” continually come out with spray of saliva. Only such extravagance can satisfy the foodies who scrounge free meals. They have determination and ability but must not have eyes bigger than the bellies, over eat and embarrass themselves. Therefore, the best condition to watch group exhibition is to possess four stomachs like a cow and snatch a moment to ruminate slowly resolving some calories out of the dry grasses; or only choose to eat the best, the pleasant; or just watch silently for the sake of being present in the opening.

The aim to mingle these works of different nature, concept and technique is to create an easy-going atmosphere for the host and guests to be together. Yuan Mu from Qing dynasty says: “60% contributions of a good meal belong to the chef and 40% to the buyer.” The work of the chef, assistant and buyer is all conducted by an able person in photography field who carefully selects photography materials around, with reflection and experience on life as creative idea, humanistic care as seasoning, braises on slow fire of age and brings out a colorful stew to the guests. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the northern stew of streaky pork, kohlrabi, vermicelli and flour paste or the southern Fo Tiao Qiang of scallop, abalone and sea cucumber simmered with Shaoxing rice wine. What these dishes care and test is the buyer’s eye and the chef’s skill. This is the honest hospitality for the guests, compared with the cross talk which bets one breath that people only hear a sound like drawing a cake to ease the hunger. So, empty out your cups and pour some dark reddish purple human blood of Jesus. It makes a feast to satiety.

In a big feast, the retention of food is crowded and jammed in the stomach. Even so, don’t pull the throat to vomit. The rotten and stinky filth is impossible to become positive energy but with its odour, overcomes everybody. It would be the best to let it rotten in the stomach.

Translation: Fan Chen 

Participating artists: Feng Fangyu, Hang Mingzhi, Jiao Jian, Lian Dongya, Peng Xiangjie, Shao Wenhuan, Zong Ning

Image: © Lian Dongya, Ofoto Gallery

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