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Equator Art Projects
47 Malan Road, #01-21,
Gillman Barracks,
Singapore 109444   map * 
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Elsewhere & Looking at the Past, Making for the Future: Indonesian Painting lll
by Equator Art Projects
Location: Equator Art Projects
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 13 Sep - 20 Oct 2013

Arturo Sanchez Jr: Elsewhere

In his first exhibition outside the Philippines, the young painter Arturo Sanchez Jr shows eight paintings that are either on or include mirrors. These are works of great beauty, but also ones with a strong conceptual twist. Throughout art history, mirrors have been used as symbols of truth, falsehood, vanity, perception, identity, etc. But Sanchez brings something very new to this discourse. Technically they are unique for apart from both painting over mirrors or embedding them in his canvases he encases collages inside the mirrors. We both see ourselves reflected and also strange elements. The mirror can be it seems the site for imagination or the phantasmagoric.

Looking at the past, making for the future: Indonesian Painting III

In this third exhibition in a series examining Indonesian painting today we include new paintings by four important but very different artists from Bandung and Jogja: Jumaldi Alfi, Ivan Sagita, Srihardi & Sunaryo.

How do Indonesian artists view and use their own artistic traditions? Indeed, what exactly are these traditions? Also, we may ask, how important is there particular ethnic origin? Is it still useful to think of Indonesian painting in terms of a contrast or conflict between art made in Jogja or Bandung?

Although these are artists distinguished above all by strong personal visions this exhibition offers a chance to think about such issues.

Image: © Arturo Sanchez Jr., Equator Art Projects 

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