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Double Acting
by DDM Warehouse
Location: DDM Warehouse
Date: 24 Oct - 15 Nov 2010

“Double acting” is a traditional performance art, originating near the end of the Qing Dynasty. This two-person performance foregrounds one performer, who must physically act out the story behind told by the second performer hiding behind him.

The exhibition Double Act places artists in conversation with non-artist others and the urban environment. It is an interplay between logic and absurdity, reality and imagination, surface and substance, self-contradiction and mutual unity, rationality and existentialism, whole and part, art and its context, traditional culture and the culture of consumption, socialism and capitalism.

Curator: Zoe Zhang Bing

Liu Jianhua + The First Rank of Human Desire
Hu Jieming + Face -Works
Chen Hangfeng + Wang Jianqiang
Zhang Chuyue + Jiang Hongqing
Wu Junyong + Art590.com
Yang Yongliang + Yao Keng
Shi Zhiying + Mr.Palomar
Gao Mingyan + GMZWD
Dodo Gu + Masson Ge
Zhu Dake + B6
Leroux-Jacquier + ARCHIPLEIN
Ji Wenyu + Zhu Weibin
Petra Jonson + Shawn Xu Zhifeng

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