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CAS (Contemporary Art and Spirits)
3rd floor A.I.R.1963 Bdg.,
1-2-25 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku,
556-0016 Osaka, Japan   map * 
tel: +81.6.6647.5088     fax: +81.6.6647.5088
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About CAS
1.    CAS is a nonprofit making contemporary art space.
2.    CAS is not a space for art business.
3.    CAS shows experimental and non-commercial works.
4.    The exhibitions are planned by the curators who are selected by CAS.
5.    CAS is open for volunteers and is run by volunteers.

CAS was initiated in 1998 as a voluntary group, and officially registered and incorporated in 2001 as a non-profit organization (npo).

Activity Summary
CAS organizes about 8 exhibitions a year, as well sa related programs such as lectures and symposia. The exhibition usually runs for about a month, and is curated by museum curators and independent curators. We also organize international exchange exhibitions, work with other international and Japanese organizations on projects, and launch exhibitions outside of the CAS space. We not only invite professionals such sa artists and curators, but also art lovers and students to support our activities. we believe that by inviting participants for hand-on expreience in producing exhibitions, we will be able to integrate the fragmented art scene in Japan, which is currently divided by roles and responsibilities.

In its 10th year since its establichment, CAS acknowledges the changing demands, in accordance with the transforming conditions surrounding the arts during the 10 years. We see many more altenative projects, like us, today, but such undertakings are far from becoming stable. We are finding difficulties in continuing our current activities. We feel that we need to focus more on art education and enlightenment programs, including know-how in sustaining our organization.

Management/Funding Body
A non-profit organization that operates though various funding sources including membership fees,admission fee for openings and lecture events,private donations,and various grants.


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