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Foil Gallery
1-519, 3/4F, Sasaya-cho
Kamigyo-Ku, Kyo-to Shi
Kyoto 602-8453 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 451 6162     fax: +81 75 451 6163
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FOIL has published many books which feature contemporary art, including the books of Yoshitomo Nara and Rinko Kawauchi, and also introduced allure of contemporary art with those publications since the establishment in 2004. FOIL gallery is now opening under idea that we can suggest another way of presenting the allure by seeing the art from different aspect.

We hope you experience the funm beauty, and fear of profound art as you actually face the art works and feel the atmosphere they produce, here at FOIL gallery.

Not only the projects collaborating with publications of FOIL, FOIL gallery will preset various exhibitions as an independent primary gallery. We also approach to the international art market through the management of gallery artists and try to dig up and introduce new talents to both domestic and international artists in order to appeal the possibility of art to all over the world.

We are waiting for your visit to this new, stimulating FOIL gallery.


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