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Pioneer in the Beijing art scene

In 2001, Yan Club Arts Center became one of the first galleries to be established in the avant-garde 798 /Dashanzi art district, the heart of a growing community who has later become the center for the arts in China. In the last years, more than 200 galleries have joined 798, and Yan Club Arts Center continues to be one of the leading figures in the Beijing 798 art scene. With over 1000 square meters of space and 8 meters high ceilings, Yan Club Arts Center endeavors to introduce a broad range of Chinese contemporary art to the public at large, as well as regularly acting as sponsors for the arts in music, theater, dance and literature.


Yan Club Arts Center strongly believes that what the world knows about Chinese art is only a minor part of what Chinese art -still at an early stage of recognition- can offer. That’s why each year our team travels across China in search of the best emerging artist. Our most important criteria for selection are technical quality of the works and authenticity of the message. Yan Club Arts Center has close relationship with major artists on the art scene in China. Yan Club Arts Center exclusively promotes up-coming and established artists such as Rao Songqing, Liu Baomin, Shen Dapeng and Liu Ye. Our priority is to show their work in and outside China, and to make them gain their well deserved international recognition.

Recent Achievements

During FIAC 2007, Yan Club Arts Center collaborated with Galerie Maeght from Paris to organize a successful solo show of Liu Baomin’s works. In June 2008, Thanks to the support and trust of the established Gallery LOFT from Paris, Rao Songqing’s works will be exhibited in Paris. Building a strong network, our aim is to promote our promising and talented Chinese artists all over the world.

Sponsors for the Arts

As one of our goals is to develop the art scene in China, we have regularly participated as a sponsor in all kinds of artistic events. Recent events include DIAF 2005, 2006 and 2007 (Dashanzi International Art Festival), 2008 Shin Fen Theater Festival and Beijing Artwalk 2007 among others.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 10.30am – 6pm


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