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Paris – Beijing Photo Gallery was founded in 2006 by the French curators Flore Sassigneux and Romain Degoul with the strong will to create the first space in China exclusively dedicated to modern and contemporary world photography.

Located in Dashanzi 798 Art Factory, the heart of Chinese contemporary art, the gallery has ambitions to become an essential link between Paris, a capital of world photography, and Beijing, an emerging contributor to the international art world.

The purpose of the gallery is:
• To become a platform for western photographers in a country where their names and works are hardly known and displayed.
• To internationally promote works from a new generation of talented Chinese photographers.

This is why, in addition to the local exposure of its represented artists, Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery publishes books and catalogues on the artist’s behalf and takes part in the foremost international photographic festivals, biennals and art fairs.

Ultimately, Paris - Beijing Photo Gallery’s main desire is to create a bridge between the east and the west and to initiate a free flowing dialogue between photographers with different views and cultural experience. Solo exhibitions as well as thematic collaborative exhibitions have been displayed as a way for western and Chinese photographers to confront and exchange their unique points of view. 

Opening Hours:
Everyday 10 am - 6 pm


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