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Being 3 Art Gallery
Yard 10, Destrict B
798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road
Beijing, China   map * 
tel: +86 10 5978 9875     
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The founders of Being 3 Gallery have been concerned with the evolution of modern art in Mainland China and attentively observed its various stages of progression and development for over twenty years, until finally have established Being 3 in 2005. Giving close care to crucial elements such as artist, artwork, exhibition, critic, international market and so on, the gallery has, after six years of constant learning and persistent endeavor, selected and absorbed a group of high-quality, influential artists. These are individuals knowledgeable in the history of art, as well as sophisticated in their own unique artistic creation. With this, the gallery have attracted and nourished a body of collectors with whom Being 3 have gained an authoritative place in the auction market. Surviving and thriving in its increasingly competitive surrounding environment, Being 3 Gallery grows more mature in its own philosophy and concept and more encompassing in its artist selection day by day.

Some of Being 3’s main concepts are as follows:

The gallery houses a collection of cutting-edge, contemporary abstract Chinese calligraphy work. Artists such as Wei Ligang, Shao Yan, Lan Zhenghui, He Canbo stand at the core of this worthy collection. Their work has its root in the ancient and profound Chinese culture and tradition. Through the language of art and aesthetics, our artists have been conversing with the extensive history of art in the West. The value of this particular collection is reaching onto favorable new heights with rapid globalization and growing communication among various cultures.

Being 3 offers much passion, support and promotion to such independent and daring artists as Lu Jinsheng and Chen Danyang. This group of artists has successfully joined force with modern Chinese art as an entity, and has been, as their artworks come to decorate the homes of many, affecting the spiritual life and sense of artistic appreciation of a number of collectors.

Another essential collection at Being 3 Gallery has its interest in emerging young artists such as Tang Nannan, Huang He, Wang Peili, Wang Zheng and Liu Bing. These artists and their aesthetics present cultural, social, emotional and psychological conditions of the modern Chinese. Their various forms of visual expressions concern the complexity and struggle of a new and confusing age, and thus have generated affection and empathy from many audiences and collectors.

The market value of our artists and collections shows a pronounced tendency of increase, our collectors, too, have given persistent attention to this tendency.


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