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Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center, founded by the artist Xu Hui, was established in 2008. The Center , which is located in the famous cultural industry base core Song Zhuang Art Park, with the Arts Center building area of 6000 square meters, was designed by the German designer Pasa and Martiars. Its unique aesthetic style has become the landmark of heart area of Song Zhuang Arts Center.

Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center was built in accordance with the international art Museum norms. The inner building, which adoptted the wide open and free exhibition space, hardware and software services are a modern exhibition standards, able to adapt to a variety of art forms, such as painting, sculpture, installation / image and other live performances. There are also some activity regions for audience interactions, such as information center, meeting rooms, cafe house , as well as with professional standards of independent studios and rooms as a permanent international arts exchange project facilities. Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center provides a wide open platform for the Contemporary Art in China to the world.


Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center aims to promote the contemporary art, emphasizing the experiment of arts and academic freedom, especially dedicated to open up a green channel for young artists and new thinking of arts, to offer a good exchange camp for the domestic and foreign senior, cutting-edge artists, critics and curators, to seek the greatest possible evolution of the development of Chinese contemporary art in the Context of globalization.


At the time of carrying out the practice of art, we should pay more attention to the cultivation and development of the market, strengthen the cooperation with home and abroad well-known art galleries, painted corridor and other art industry bodies, strive to seek an effective opportunity of common development, create and promote the healthy Chinese contemporary art market model.


Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center named from the ancient Chinese Book Zhou Yi. Confucius said that “DragonLongrefers to the man who is able and possesses a modest character. He is credible to his words and scrupulous to his deeds. He prevents his heart from evil by retaining honesty. He does good deeds without being ostentatious and is a man with great virtue (De) who can easily influence others.” It means to abide morality and be trustworthy. The style of strict moral conduct and the broad masses of the people. That is Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center, who rightly  abide the self-discipline concept,according the equalities of equality openness, broad, flexible and pluralistic approach and artistic practice, to promote the China's contemporary art to a more mature future.

Opening hour:

Tue - Sun  10 am - 5 pm   closed on Mon


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