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State-of-the-Arts Gallery, which used to be situated on Hollywood Road, has found its new residence on another classic street in Hong Kong – Pottinger Street, better known as “Stone Street”, which is famous for the granite stone steps with a remarkable history of over a century years old. With the new address, the Gallery now stands at an eye-catching point on the sidewalk along the historical steps, surrounded by antique shops and the old Central Police Station, as well as overlooking a quiet park. As the new location suggests, the Gallery is proud to position itself as an independent, ‘state-of-the-arts’ gallery promoting works of worldwide sources, with an emphasis on the quality of artwork, instead of the origin of the contributor, thereby distinguishing itself from the cluster of trendy galleries in Central selling contemporary Chinese arts.

The geographical move aims to draw visitors’ attention to the monthly exhibition, which has long been a special feature of State-of-the-Arts Gallery. The three-storey new shop with a high ceiling enables visitors to appreciate the Gallery collection in a more comfortable, but not less classy environment. Descending from the stairs on the ground level to the basement, visitors could view the exhibits in an artistic space resembling a cellar of a castle. The Art Consultancy office on the second floor also serves as an elegant space for display of art samples, and a cozy meeting room for project discussion with artists and clients.

Since it was founded in 2003, State-of-the-Arts Gallery has organized numerous exhibitions, charity functions and special events for an array of artists worldwide. It started with promoting Austrian arts with more than twelve contracted artists. In several years of time, the Gallery has rapidly established itself as a contemporary international fine arts gallery featuring artists from countries across continents: from Austria to other parts of Europe like France and England; and from Australia to remote Latin American countries including Mexico, Chile and Columbia. The Gallery offers purchase, lease, or commission for a variety of artwork including paintings, sculptures, artistic photographs and glassware. All artworks are selected within the parameter of high quality and collection value. Selected works share the common characteristics of conceptual originality, thematic consistency, and refinement in techniques as sharing the artists’ self-cultivation and philosophy of art has always been our priority aim at promoting commercial art.

It is hoped that following the move, both geographically and symbolically, State-of-the-Arts Gallery would also move on to a new chapter of prosperity by bringing more significant contributions to the art community in Hong Kong. Visitors would find a greater sense of enjoyment through a delightful art-walk in the new residence and at the same time, recognize its taste, characteristics and professionalism when appreciating art in the Gallery relaxingly.

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