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The Arts have a vital role to play in the transformation our city from a former colony into an open society; the idea, meanings and emotional responses gerated by the Arts can define the character as well as the cultural identity of our society; the Arts have to reach out to other sectors in order to communicate with and be relevant to our society.

Motivated by these belifes, the Fringe Club nurtures local emerging artists by presenting their work and providing them with a suppotive and open environment to create and hone their skills. They engagae in cultural heritage work, community outreach, and regulaly collaborate with overseas arts organizations to showcase and promote Hong Kong and its artists.

The Fringe Club is a contemporary arts space where artists create and show their work, and those who enjoy the arts come to meet and see shows. Facilities for exhibitions and performances here are offered rent-free to both emerging and professional artists in
Hong Kong and from overseas. The Fringe Club has been providing an open platform for the arts in Hong kong since 1984. That means performers and artists can show their work without
having to go through a selection process.

Over the years, by pursuing this policy of open access, the Fringe Club has come to be identified with freedom of expression. This freedom is invariably associated with the pleasure of creating, showing and enjoying the arts, which we think should be done without isolating them from everyday life.

Opening hours:
Open daily from noon  Closed on Sun


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