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RED SQUARE GALLERY was founded by prominent Russian artist Anastassia Katafygiotis and it is dedicated to bringing to Hong Kong stunning artworks of well-known as well as emerging artists from parts of the world that are currently under-represented, including Russia, ex-Soviet Union States, ex-East block Countries, and the Balkans. The Gallery, named after the famous historical Kremlin Square in Moscow, aims to fill the gap, and contribute towards increasing the diversity of art currently exhibited in Hong Kong. Also the gallery houses significant collections of Asian art, and presents compelling exhibitions on regular basis for the enjoyment of art lovers around the world.

Red Square Gallery has two locations in Hong Kong. One is situated in the charming Old Town of Sai Kung. Following a successful 3 years, the second location opened its doors in 2009 on the quiet & trendy Prince’s Terrace in Mid-levels, Central, next to the escalator.

Red Square Gallery, is further an art and cultural institution, being a part of Anastassia’s Art House - Russian Art Academy, which is committed to bringing to Hong Kong Art Education of the highest standards with a mission of exposing Hong Kong to the vast wealth of Russian & Western cultural heritage in Fine Arts. The Academy offers a wide range of art classes for children and adults. The gallery space is also available for booking for selected functions.

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant, progressive cities in the world and we are confident that the Red Square Gallery will further add to the creativity and dynamic energy of this great city.


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