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Pékin Fine Arts
No. 241 Cao Chang Di Village
Cui Ge Zhuang, Chao Yang District,
Beijing, China 100015   map * 
tel: +86 10 5127 3220     fax: +86 10 5127 3223
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I See China
by Pékin Fine Arts
Location: Pekin Fine Arts
Artist(s): ZHAO Liang, WANG Chuan, Wassink LUNDGREN, Lois CONNER, Martin PARR, John CLANG, CHEN Changfen
Date: 21 Apr - 3 Jul 2012

This exhibition asserts the possibility of multiple and subjective views of contemporary China, co-existing in lively discussion, without standardization or uniformity.

Together, these works offer a window on to a wide variety of genres: Artistic and found photographs, staged photography and appropriated images, documentary and composite portraits.

The diversity of these photographic visions mirror the reality of China’s rich contemporary visual culture, and the perpetual push-and-pull between its traditional past and its contemporary present and future.

Participating Artists:

Chen Changfen
Chen Pang
He Fa
John Clang
Leng Wen
Liu Di
Lois Conner
Martin Parr
Su Sheng
Wang Chuan
Zhao Liang

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