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Megumi Ogita Gallery
2-16-12 B1
Ginza Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3248 3405     fax: +81 3 3248 3405
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A Tree Standing Nowhere
by Megumi Ogita Gallery
Location: Project Room @Megumi Ogita Gallery
Artist(s): Hiroko NEMOTO
Date: 10 May - 28 May 2011

Nemoto Hiroko was born in 1981 and had graduated from MA Oil Painting Course of Tokyo National University of Arts and Music in 2008. She had successfully thrown her first solo exhibition at Showcase last year under the theme of “Battement de cil (a sound of blink)”.

The motifs she chose for this time are objects such as ice and mirror providing viewers with multiple images and intriguing to a parallel world.

Nemoto says that the world we live is consisted of various time lines and spaces and it is her motivation for painting to imagine different stories of other people.

It connects to the fact that the reality of our four-dimensional world is only felt through our senses and imagination. It is not describable through illuminating flat digital images on the other hand Nemoto's paintings play great roles as gates to the other dimensions.

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