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AKI Gallery
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by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): KUO Chih-Hung, WU Yih-Han
Date: 7 Sep - 29 Sep 2013

Two Taiwanese artists Kuo, Chih-Hung and Wu, Yih-Han, who travel and study in Germany, started to shine since their works were included to “Yes Taiwan exhibition” at Aki gallery in 2012. They also got many supports from collectors and press after participating Young Art Taipei and Art Taipei in the same year. The strong but ambiguous atmospheres in their paintings catch viewers’ eyes, and touch their hearts at first glance. Finally, in 2013, Aki gallery presnets their first duo exhibition to give the audience a whole picture of their works.

Wu let her families and friends to be the models in her works. These characters have simple poses, smooth lines, and calm emotions. Also, Wu employs gypsum as a base, using transparent skill to make the works more delicate, and then her paintings reveal some kind of quiet and sacred mood. If we get closer to her works, we will sense lots of clues such as poses, dresses, accessories. Wu uses these tiny little elements to express the straight feelings toward those characters.

Even though Kuo depicts people in his daily life just like Wu does, but experiencing his works is a totally different matter. He uses photographs as his inspirations and sources, making his paintings just like the recreation of photographs; however, the scenes of his works are recreated and reproduced through artist’s mind and thoughts, he gives sensation which camera cannot provide. In other words, he offers a new life to his paintings and let them reborn from photographs. It does not matter how similar between photographs and his works, for Kuo, the most important part is what viewers sense and experience exactly through artist’s eyes.

Courtesy fo AKI Gallery 

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