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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
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Open Your Mind- New Art Made in Germany
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): HUANG Pei Hang, Amely SPöTZL, Akihiro HIGUCHI, Bernd ZöLLNER, Matthias GALVEZ, Josef Bernhard ZUENKELER
Date: 10 Oct - 1 Nov 2009

Open your mind! There is more than one way to perceive the heart of life. In the digital age, different forms of art such as objects, paintings and photographs take you on a journey that giving you ideas about the forgotten nature and humanities. From 10th of October, Aki gallery will proudly present one of the most excited, sophisticated exhibitions “Open you Mind—New art made in Germany.” With the latest German art movement, thinking outside the white cube, and original German art works, Aki Gallery and Dr. Bernhard Zünkele is going to refresh the art scene in Taiwan!

One art project “Just a Moment, Please”, more then 30 works from four German and one Japanese artist are shown in “Open your Mind.” Instead of displaying art works in traditional galleries or museums which confining by the walls, “Just a moment, Please,” an installation from Amely Spötzl and Bernd Zoellner deals with the time, perceptions and possibilities. Fresh flowers will be left in the various locations in Taipei city, and the reactions of the passersby will be recorded.
Meanwhile, the exhibition inside the white cube is presenting a variety of arts and concepts that awake viewers’ feeling about what human beings used to own (but they not forgot.) Representing one of the most important German art style, Matthias Galvez’s painting mixed real life and dreamlike bird lands of suburban Berlin, precisely inherit the free spirit of expressionism. “Collections” of painted insects by Akihiro Higuchi ironically play with the anthropocentric way of looking down on nature. And you definitely should not miss the classic German nostalgias, the forgotten heroes fighting lost questions by Josef Bernhard Zünkeler.

“Open you Mind –New Art from Germany” is the second German exhibition that Aki Gallery introduced to Taiwan audiences and collectors. Each of these art works awakes your true feeling to the world, and all together, they conduct a pleasant and coherent exhibition which Opens Your Mind. With the vision of exchanging extraordinary art works from Taiwan to the world and from the world to Taiwan; Aki Gallery sincerely invite you join the opening reception of  “Open your Mind” at 3pm 10th of October.

Matthias Galvez
Akihiro Higuchi
Amely Spotzl
Bernd Zollner
Josef Bernhard Sunkeler

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