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AKI Gallery
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Never Ending Construction
by AKI Gallery
Location: Aki Gallery
Artist(s): Paramodel, Reika NAKAYAMA, Sakae OZAWA
Date: 11 Feb - 4 Mar 2012

"Never Ending Construction" of three contemporary Japanese artists: Paramodel, Reika Nakayama and Sakae Ozawa.

"Never Ending Construction" supplies the fantasy and magic that are absent from reality, building a world where one escapes the routine of everyday life.

Paradise, Paradox, Parapara and Paramodel! A playful sensibility that is very Osaka , together with a desire to entertain, coexists in their work. Paramodel play a game involving the viewers, inviting them to develop a different grasp of the exhibition space. All of their modes of expression are unique and make us feel an infinite possibility. They may yet lead us all to paradise through absolute fun!

After long-time resident of Mexico , the grand-prix winner of VOCA2011 Reika Nakayama is going to tell a mysterious story.. Featured a background of vivid, colorful patterns in acrylic paint, to which she has added dynamic, exquisitely detailed pencil drawings of animals and human figures, her paintings were not only manifestation of the bright Mexican way of living and cultures, but also spiritual connection between reality and dream.

Working and living in Vienna , where has a solid tradition of painting, Sakae Ozawa was able to distance herself from the pop culture and to face off with her own desire to paint. Sakae Ozawa’s world of little girls in billowing dresses flirting with flying whales and dancing bears carries a similar feeling of sweetly masked seriousness. Each piece is a delicately crafted story that could be merely cute or infinitely complex, depending on your imagination.

"Never Ending Construction" is the first time that Paramodel, Reika Nakayama and Sakae Ozawa have come together to hold a joint exhibition and to present their new works in Taiwan . Please come with a smile and be prepared to enjoy an afternoon full of fun, colors, dreamy experience in AKI gallery, as in an art wonderland created by Paramodel, Reika Nakayama and Sakae Ozawa!

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