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Heart and Hand: The Paintings of Shi Song
by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Artist(s): SHI Song
Date: 22 Jan - 3 Apr 2011

Shi Song (1946- ) is a painter alongside a litterateur, who also considers himself an Artisan, with a diverse portfolio of artistic and literary works. He was the Editor in Chief of Lion Art Magazine; worked long-term with Hansheng  Magazine for field studies on folklore and producing children’s books. In addition, he had also published essays and woodcut prints for publication columns, covering subjects of ancient Chinese mythologies, flowers and plants, local people, Buddhist stories, etc. Ever since Shi Song was just a young artist catching wind of the western existentialism in the 70s, following his return home to Taiwan in search for his roots and later in life experiencing Buddhism, his pursuit for the meaning of life has been ongoing for over three decades. His enthusiasm for cultural root searching, education, social concerns, and Buddhism has left deep impressions in his art, literature, and meditation. This is Shi Song’s first solo exhibition at this museum, showcasing his still life drawings, oil paintings based on Buddhist stories, woodcut prints, as well as his latest Guanyin outline drawing. These works are the life experience and philosophy of Shi Song, where he looks forwards to sharing his creations with the world through his images.

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