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Aria of Life: The Art of Liu Keng-I
by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Artist(s): LIU Keng-i
Date: 22 Jan - 3 Apr 2011

Liu Keng-i, born 1938, is a Taiwanese artist with a mission towards social harmony and attempts to extract the essence of art from the creative process. His paintings are filled with compassion towards all things between heaven and earth, further depicting the contrast of harmony and contradiction in which men coexisting with nature. At the same time, Liu’s tender critiques on passionate living as well as artist’s perspective on life are reflected in his artworks. This exhibition follows along the footsteps of Liu’s creative timeline, when he started working with oil paintings and pastels in the 60s continuously up to this present day. His art themes include the authenticity of caring for one’s life, radical views of the society, as well as pondering upon the perplexing soul-searching of one’s self while returning to our homeland. There will be a total of 60 selected paintings and dozens of handcrafted furniture on display at this exhibition. The furniture and artworks paint a contrasting image between sense and sensibility, showcasing Liu’s artistic styles and creative philosophies from different stages of his life.

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