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by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Artist(s): I-Chen KUO
Date: 3 Sep - 30 Oct 2011

Imbuing his technology-based work with anxiety about the environment and humanity and striking back at life, new-media artist Kuo I-Chen consoles himself while inspiring inner awareness in others.

Using light as his expressive medium, Kuo explores the meaning of human existence with various visual and aural sensory phenomena for his solo exhibition “LIGHTYEARS”. In his work Aurora-Eclipse the artist disrupts the sound patterns that commonly arise in our lives in order to situate visitors in a state of time and space confusion. For The Brightest Light in the Dark of the Night, Kuo uses the relationship between objects and light sources to make visitors conscious of their own existence. For his artwork Lightyears, Kuo took pictures over the course of a year, using up an entire disposal camera each day to explore the sad truth that life can only be seen after death through the eyes of the other. With various types of sensory stimulation, the exhibition explores the ways, and to what degree, individuals explore their own existence. This is done to make us aware of phenomena that are overlooked due to habitual ways of experiencing the world, and then to reconstruct our reality and redefine our view of human existence.

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