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Entre-Temps: The Narrative Artist
by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Date: 6 Aug - 6 Nov 2011

The exhibition Entre-Temps – The Narrative Artist, designed by Curator Odile Burluraux and Chief Curator Angeline Scherf of the Municipal Museum of Modern Art in Paris, presents twenty-one video-art works by twenty-one artists who are either French or have pursued careers in France. The works represent the finest examples of video art collected by the Municipal Museum of Modern Art over the last ten years.
Re-interpreting French theory with imagery, videos by these artists have a close connection with the predominant thinking in France of the 1970s. As a whole, the work has a pronounced experimental quality, coupled with the narrative style of the nouveau roman literary genre, as well as close connections with New Criticism literary theory and experimental narratives of the 1960s and 70s.
1960s and 70s experimental narrative was based on theories such as Jacques Derrida''s Deconstruction, narratology, symbolism, semiotics and ideas explored by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in their book Anti-Oedipus. The exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to analyze the inherent relationships between these theories and the artworks presented, and therefore tries to reestablish the connection between 1960s and 70s French theory and the art scene of the time. Most importantly, the exhibition establishes a continuous thread between previous generations and contemporary and future artists.

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