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Xun Art Gallery Beijing
East Song Zhuang
Tong Zhou District
Beijing, CHINA   map * 
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Qiuchi CHEN biography | artworks | events

Qiu Chi Chen is Chinese artist, starting his career as a liberal-occupation artist since the “YUANMINGYUAN Stage” in China in the beginning of 1990. His works have been exhibited in Changchun, Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Cologne and Berlin, among others. Although, Qiu Chi has received training on modeling ability and oil painting technique. he, as a contemporary artist, has his own conscience. Being unable to concern himself with the reality, the changes and problems occurring in the process of development of human society, his works are schemas composed of picture symbol of human head. These ‘symbols’ are accumulating and expanding as virus, or guffaw or outcry, so as to express the difficult choice of human in development. That is, whether human are to choose peaceful and environmental protection development, or the war and development at the expense of damaging the environment. The swelling desire of human, crazy development in armaments and science and technology, and inequality in human right, pollution of environment and crisis of energy, etc., pestering the world like plague. His paintbrush gives such a long sigh, trying to arouse the love in human heart through his works and their conscience that is in sound sleep, so as to make the globe where human and other animals are inhibited remain peace and vitality.


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