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Karin Weber Gallery
20 Aberdeen Street,
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Crush On My City
by Karin Weber Gallery
Location: Karin Weber Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 27 Feb - 2 Apr 2015

Political events in Hong Kong over the last few months have struck a chord with many people, and reshaped the history of Hong Kong through real individuals and real events. Karin Weber Gallery’s Spring exhibition, ‘Crush On My City,’ brings Hong Kong, and Hong Kong art, into focus and is testament to Hong Kong people’s love for their city.

Local artists are never short of passion for their city. Most of them prefer a euphemistic, understated approach, which is characteristic of Hong Kong contemporary art. New generation Hong Kong art practitioners emphasize concept and novelty in their creations, whilst simultaneously maintaining the subtlety and moderation that roots their works in the East.

‘Crush On My City’ illustrates the multi-dimensional nature of local creativity as it includes oil painting, Chinese ink painting, photography, sculpture and installation art. Wong Chak Hung’s oil paintings, which resemble mosaic tiles in the MTR, may look simplistic at first sight. The actual process of working on each piece, placing the tiny tiles, is painstakingly accurate and reflects the artist’s collective memory. Lau Chi Chung ventured all over the Hong Kong countryside to create a photographic record of abandoned buildings covered by wild plants. His Landscaped Artifacts series reflect upon the impact of urban development on nature, and won him an award in the 2013 Lian Zhou Foto Festival. Sim Chan and Stanley Siu’s three-dimensional oil painting Watermelon Football, (a popular grass roots street sport from the olden days) is an excellent example of nostalgia for local toys and widgets. Annie Wan’s ceramic sculptures transform old Wanchai outdoor advertising signs into Tang poems. Jaffa Lam’s use of unwanted parachute material to create a cloud-like installation is reminiscent of her signature works made for the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at HK Polytechnic University.

The ten local artists in this exhibition stay true to the city pulse of Hong Kong through their art works. By digging deeper beyond the surface, we discover their individual ‘love affair’ with their city.

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