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Karin Weber Gallery
20 Aberdeen Street,
Central, Hong Kong   map * 
tel: +852 2544 5004     
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by Karin Weber Gallery
Location: Karin Weber Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 16 Aug - 28 Aug 2012

When the night gets darker, it appears amidst silence. The closer we get, the more heartwrenching it is. It is a weapon. It captures everything with its enormous shadow. Sea, buildings and crowds vanish in an instant. It moves closer and closer, and I can only see darkness...

On 5th & 6th May 2012, the Supermoon graces the night of our city. The moon on its closest approach to earth is bigger and brighter than ever. We indulged in its tenderness and beauty, and were fascinated by its myths. Yet it triggered high tides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Moon can be nature’s weapon. By juxtaposing two objects of different characters – poetic and destructive, the artists let their thoughts wander freely, trying to form connections, and yearning to be inspired. It is an exploration of inner-most feelings towards the city/the surroundings as well as a journey to unexploited area of the mind & everyday life.

About the artists/curator/advisor This is an exhibition put together by artists Amy Suen, Daniel Lau, Elva Lai and Emma Kwong with the generous help of Guangzhou-based German curator Frank Gerlitzki and Hong Kong artist Lee Kit. The exhibition aims to be as daring, experimental, exciting and fun as possible. All four of them studied fine arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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