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Space Station
4 Jiuxianqiao Road
798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015 China   map * 
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Arts on the Papers
by Space Station
Location: Space Station
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 1 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

The conception of paper’s original documentation function has been revived in this exhibition. The paper-based works, with their instability, versatility, and incompleteness, have made themselves to be the most convenient and lifelike presentation of idea.

The idea of this exhibition originates from the remains of the automatic writings of mesmerist Ji Yancen and his collaborators, just to examine what kind of traces the subconscious would motivate the body to leave, in a period when the conscious of human has been totally closed. It also originates from the sixty-first generation of Taoist master talismans in Zhejiang folklore. These talismans have documented the means in which human communicate with the Heaven, the Earth, and the Ghosts. Besides, in the very beginning these works are not created for art purposes.

In this exhibition, there are works like: The Rules of Colors and Pen of “Sleeping Temple” by A diaodui Group completed in the session of Game under Rules; Dong Tianhao’s numerous daily sketches, which previously used as materials and practices; Record of Zha by Liang Shuo, a collaged, mixed and diversified work of travelogue; Zhang Yehong’s a month’s diary written by a writing brush; Kang Xueru’s graphic note on art history. These works act as carriers of the functions such as documentation, record, and improvisation of their leisure time. In addition, this exhibition also has works like Zhao Peng’s A Documentation of Extraordinary Happenings and Shunga, originating from the combination of subconscious experience and magic reality; as well as Tang Yi’s series of hallucinatory card-type graphics made from synthetic materials. 
- Fu Xiaodong

*image by Space Station 

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