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Yisu Kim Solo Exhibition
by Gallery Q
Location: Gallery Q
Artist(s): Yisu KIM
Date: 27 Aug - 1 Sep 2012

Yisu Kim uses an acryl panel or mylar one as buttress. She paints lines on the back and front of pane in monotone colors, and lays them two-ply or three-ply. Then panels form layer. Kim's artwork is a painting on panel but layer of panel brings deep within it. Layer makes the world 'between' painting and unpainting, hiding and revealing, and in and outside. The artist draws even immaterial factors, such as the air and light between layers to the perception of painting.

A delicate nuance made by layer is connect to 'inframince'. Inframince is a concept of Marcel Duchamp, it means that irrecognizable delicate difference. Absolute truth doesn't exist but when explaining effects to move this world, this concept can be used. Her artworks are visualization of 'inframince'. 'Inframince - landscape' burrows into a delicate gap between the past and present. We can say that is 'landscape outside of landscape' which is made by memories and imagery.
Bog-gi Kim (editor-in-chief at Art in Culture, Korea)

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