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Intangible Spaces
by Aisho Miura Arts
Location: Aisho Miura Arts
Date: 24 Aug - 11 Sep 2010

Reiko Kubota and Nathan Cohen create artworks that challenge our notions of space, time and form, incorporating new technologies and processes in the realization of their work.

Reiko Kubota’s recent work includes developing art forms with saccade based displays (developed by Dr. Junji Watanabe, NTT Laboratories) resulting in still and moving images that capture the experience of momentary perception. These artworks articulate form and space and extend the instant into a play with light, depth and movement. Reiko has developed a unique visual lexicon of forms that can be read in the fraction of a second that a saccade image is transmitted into the eye, which have been recorded onto saccade based displays. By inventing a process that combines long digital camera exposures of the displayed images with movement she then discovered that it is possible not only to capture the original saccade image, but also combine several images that would not otherwise be visible, and through this process create new art forms which are presented in this exhibition as video sequences and multi-layered images.

Nathan Cohen creates installations that explore how art forms exist and interact with the real world space of the viewer. Recently, Nathan has explored technologies developed by Professor Susumu Tachi and his team at Tachi Lab in the creation of his artwork, including retro-reflective projection (RPT) and Multi-channel Real Time Video composition (MRTV), and has incorporated these processes in the development of new art forms that encourage an interactive response from the viewer. In other installations the architectural space of a building’s interior is transformed with interventions of forms painted directly onto the walls and surfaces that alter interpretation of the space and places the viewer directly within the artwork’s construction.

Both artists will be presenting new work and exploring creative possibilities offered by exhibiting in the distinctive Aisho Miura Gallery space.

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