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YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma
Osaka 530-0047, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 6 6364 0775     fax: +81 6 6364 0775
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The natural environment and the society surrounding us have considerably changed more than we think in seven years since the 21st century began. The movement of art also keeps proliferating a new style in a variety of fields by new emerging artists while the old tradition is persisted in the former style. This situation seems to respond to the society that has been in a deadlock in order to break away.

"YOD Gallery" has been established with the mission to show a new sense of value and expression inside and outside of Japan positively with such assuming artists. We will try to search for a common sense of value all over the world from thoughts of domestic and overseas artists and their works since the art expression tends to be more globalised. We, as one of the primary galleries in Japan, also review our identity as Japanese afresh by finding artists and works that possess an independent artistic sense that can be exhibited worldwide and aim to grow up together with them.

After the era of Hideyoshi Toyotomi shogun period, Osaka has been a capital city creating the Kyoto-Osaka district culture, which has its own sense of beauty. It seems to have a unique climate that makes a new sense of value without biasing to either the traditional culture of Japan from neighboring Nara and Kyoto or the western thoughts, which were flexibly accepted. "YOD Gallery" carries out a variety of activities to be able to function as a place of dispatching the next generation's culture worldwide from this Osaka city by presenting and verifying various senses of values through art. Please expect it in our future "YOD Gallery" by all means.


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