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Gallery Ilayda
Hüsrev Gerede Cad. No:37
Teşvikiye, İstanbul, Turkey
tel: +90 212 227 92 92     
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Genesis by Özcan Uzkur
by Gallery Ilayda
Location: Zorlu PSM, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: 7 Jun - 3 Aug 2014

Gallery Ilayda Tesvikiye is pleased to present “Genesis” a solo exhibition by Özcan Uzkur at Zorlu PSM gallery venue.

In his recent exhibit “Genesis”, Özcan Uzkur, through his new works, which would be considered as a sequel to his “Shithdeath” series (2012), reveals the drama of human beings. The anonymous human bodies which are constructed by the artist and introduces the viewer to the traces of fighting each other.

In Uzkur’s works, one can prominently see fiber and blood, which come together in order to compose the body, but instantly break up. In an effort to build up over and over again from it spieces, the bodies, may well represent not only the body it self but also something beyond it: the wild nature of man, which perpetually tries to become a whole whiles hattering. The body dismantling at that very moment of union, utters thealie nation from it self, perhaps not ever being complete again.

Through the violent impact of colorred, disappearence of the body at the moment the eyeperceives it, refersto a series of contemporary works of art which deconstruct the body. The artist uses thread to construct human bodies thus replaces paint and brush with thread, gives birth to a new way of expression moving both through and against the principles of painting. Afterall, this choice enables to fragment and set up the painting it self, as Uzkur does to the body.

*image (left)
Özcan Uzkur
Escape II
own technique, 90x 65 cm 
courtesy of the artist and Gallery Ilayda

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