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Darren Knight Gallery
840 Elizabeth Street
Waterloo NSW 2017
Sydney, Australia   map * 
tel: +61 2 9699 5353     fax: +61 2 9699 5254
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Standard Candle by Tim Woodward
by Darren Knight Gallery
Location: Darren Knight Gallery
Date: 19 Jul - 16 Aug 2014

Darren Knight Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition with Melbourne based artist Tim Woodward. 

Standard Candle could be described as a search for moments of imagination and possibility within the institutions of cinema, moments that implicate the squirm and shake of the lifeworld. Engaging processes of editing, free association and re-imagining, these works seek out the spectral [there-but-not-quite-there] qualities of cinema through a consideration of its aftereffect and apparatus. This isn’t a show about cinema - so much as a show built around its blurry edges –Tim Woodward 2014

The exhibition Standard Candle presents a cast of conceptual inquiries, each a search for possibility within the broad cultural paradigm of cinema. Included in the exhibition is Foot Stepper [Three possible exhibition walk throughs] (2014), a new work for which Woodward hired the services of a Foley artist to imagine three possible ‘walk throughs’ of his exhibition. These ‘walk throughs’ have been rendered in sound; projecting the footsteps of imaginary visitors navigating the space and interacting with the works on show. The Foley track becomes a liminal space of potential, collapsing an imagined visitor with an imagined exhibition. Also included is Last Second Drawings, a piece consisting of drawings made by cinema projectionists began in 2012. Again strategically incorporating the expertise of others, for this work Woodward has invited projectionists to imagine and draw the ‘hidden image’ concealed behind the black square of a Universal Countdown sequence. Measured in seconds, the Universal Countdown scrolls through numbers 8 to 2 at the beginning of a film. After 2, and just before the feature, there is a completely black frame of film. We can suppose that this frame conceals an invisible 1, but if we can imagine that, then we can imagine it to be anything at all. Here there exists a recognisable nod to Mel Ramsden’s Secret Painting (1967-68), however in Woodward’s work the imagined contents of the black square aren’t held secret by the artist, but made visible by the hand of the projectionist. Last second drawings is completed with a total of 24 commissioned frames. One full seconds worth. 

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology in 2006, Tim has exhibited regularly both in Australia and overseas. His work A film is cut to the swing of a clock will be included in the upcoming 2014 MAF Video Program during the Melbourne Art Fair 13 - 17 August.

Recent solo exhibitions include True Timbre, Screen Space, Melbourne; Concertistic Life, BOXCOPY, Brisbane, House Lights, TCB art inc., Melbourne; Ring Around the Dowser, Geomuseum, Münster; A Black Line Wriggling on a White Sheet, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (all 2014); Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster; Screen Insight, West Space, Melbourne (both 2013); Up In The Air Down In The Dumps, Rearview Gallery, Melbourne (2012); Charlie you're a voice, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane (2011); Pillars of faith: Piling up dirt, Jogja National Museum, Indonesia and Going in all languages, Metro Arts, Brisbane (both 2010).

*image (left)
Tim Woodward,
Warner Bros, 2014,
Single channel HD video, 41 mins
courtesy of the artist and Darren Knight Gallery 
To watch the video, please visit the gallery website. 

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