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Annely Juda Fine Art
23 Dering Street,
London, W1S 1AW
U.K.   map * 
tel: +44 207 629 7578     
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New Paintings
by Annely Juda Fine Art
Location: Annely Juda Fine Art
Artist(s): Edwina LEAPMAN
Date: 28 Feb - 28 Mar 2013

This exhibition of new works by Edwina Leapman consists of 15 paintings all made in 2012. Leapman was drawn to abstract painting in the late 1950s, but her interest in abstraction was informed by painting from New York of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Though interested in Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism she developed her own style and process of working.

Leapman's paintings have always been based on process, the movement of the brush, the building up line by line and the density of the paint. However, while in her early paintings of the 1960s colour was less particularised in hue and more monochromatic, these paintings use colour in a more active way. The careful consideration of which colours are used show Leapman's ability to create particular moods for each painting.

Annely Juda Fine Art's top floor gallery with its skylight offers a fantastic opportunity to view these paintings in natural light, which brings out their subtle changes in tonality. Seeing these paintings together the viewer can get lost in the different rhythms they create and fully explore what Leapman is doing within her work.

Image: © Edwina Leapman, Annely Juda Fine Art

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