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Latitude 28 Gallery
F208 GF
Lado Sarai
New Delhi 110030   map * 
tel: +91 11 4679 1111     
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by Latitude 28 Gallery
Location: Latitude 28 Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 13 Oct - 20 Nov 2012

Latitude 28 Gallery presents: Tactile, a group exhibition that starts from 13 October to 20 November. Bhavna Kakar, Director, Latitude 28 and curator of the show says: “Tactile – a quality deeply linked to the sense of touch, it is a palpable rendition of character in a feeling, a frame of mind, a visceral response; an adjective that makes tangible as metaphor, elusive ideas or the texture of a distant memory. It is more than a physical faculty. In fact, it transcends such corporeality to help assimilate the experience of sensory perception. And to visually evoke tactility can become an interesting exercise, a necessity or even a compulsion.” 

As we debate a post-medium condition where boundaries of media and material fall apart to create a space where anything goes, if the artist should say so, a new relevance emerges for materials and media. A free flowing interaction between different media creates a space through the invalidation of their isolated relevance, where re-evaluation and new meaning making occurs. Fixating on tactility, media and material conspire to evoke their own tactile natures as a sentiment, a mood or an emotion that registers in the visual realm.

Featuring Artists: Anoli Perera, Benitha Perciyal, C. Douglas, Manisha Gera Baswani, Masooma Syed, Muhammad Zeeshan, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman, Shivani Aggarwal, Thomas and Renee Rapedius.

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